1. crucifix, crux, rood, crosslet.
2. crossing, crosswalk, corner; crossroad, crossway, intersection, junction, juncture; convergence, conver-gency, point of meeting.
3. thwarting, frustration, stumbling block, impediment, encumbrance, hindrance, pain in the neck; trouble, problem, difficulty, embarrassment, trying situa- tion; snag, catch, hitch, rub, drawback, fly in the ointment.
4. misfortune, mishap, mischance, adversity, evil, ill, calamity, disaster, catastrophe; affliction, grief, misery, woe; harm, injury, pain, suffering, trial, tribulation, ordeal; blow, stroke, bitter cup.
5. burden, responsibility, weight, load, albatross.
6. crossbreed, hybrid, half-breed, mongrel, Sl. mutt.
7. cross out or off cancel out, scratch out, draw a line through, strike out, blue-pencil, delete, Print. dele, x out, mark off; remove, erase, rub out, wipe out, sponge out, blot out, obliterate.
8. intersect, meet, join, converge, come together; lie or pass across, crisscross, zigzag. weave, interlace, lace; interweave, intermingle, combine, interlink, interlock, fit together; intertwist, twist together, entwist, entwine, braid, plait, pleat, fold across; intertwine, entangle, enmesh, ensnarl, ensnare.
9. traverse, span, bridge, extend across, stretch or reach across; pass over, ford, ply, travel over or across, go across or through, cut across.
10. transport, carry across or over, take across or over.
11.Slang. betray, Inf. double-cross; inform on, Sl. squeal on, tell on, Sl. rat on, Sl. blow the whistle on.
12. baffle, confuse, Sl. cross up, thwart, frustrate; oppose openly, foil, contradict; interfere, get in the way, impede, hinder, retard, check, slow up or down; block, obstruct, stop, prevent, keep back or down.
13. interbreed, intercross, crossbreed, hybridize, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate; mix, intermix, blend, fuse, interfuse.
14. athwart, across, intersecting, crosswise, cross ways, transverse, from side to side, oblique, at an angle.
15. reciprocal, mutual.
16. contrary, opposing, opposite, at odds; differing, disagreeing, dissenting; adverse, unfavorable, disadvantageous.
17. crossbred, hybrid, mixed, mongrel.
18. annoyed, bothered, Inf. put-out, peeved, irritated, vexed, griped, piqued, Inf. ticked off, Sl. pissed off, angry, upset.
19. snappish, snappy, impatient, irritable, short, touchy, testy, thin-skinned, waspish, peevish, petulant; irascible, choleric, ill-tempered, ill-humored, splenetic; cranky, grouchy, grumpy, cantankerous, crotchety, crusty.

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